Cell Phone Repair FAQ – Utah

1Why Fix My Cell Utah?

There are a number of reasons why people choose us.

  • We are a reputable local company specializing in cell phone repairs in Layton Utah.
  • We use only premium quality/OEM parts.
  • We stock parts for most brands of phones and tablets.
  • Our trained technicians do the job right the first time.
  • Most repairs take an hour or less.
  • We stand behind our work with a full six month warranty.
  • We have great reviews from real customers on Yelp, Google and Facebook.
2What types of repairs do you do?
We specialize in all cell phone and iPhone repairs in Utah. Specifically in screen repair (Glass, Digitizer and LCD). Power, home and volume button replacement, charge port, antenna, speaker, headphone, camera, logic boards, new battery, frame housing, water damage, etc. We do it all!
3Is there a charge to evaluate my phone?
No, just bring it in and we'll take a look. No cost or obligation.
4When you quote a price, what does it cover?
Our pricing includes all parts and labor. There are no hidden costs.
5What if my smart phone got wet?
Water damage requires taking your phone apart. It may be slight moisture damage that only needs cleaning rust and corrosion off parts or it may be much more extensive than that. The best advice is to leave it with us and once we have done our assessment, we can give you a call. Then you can decide whether to proceed.
6Can't I just take my phone to any cell phone store.
No, most are in the business of selling new devices and are simply not able to do our type of expert repair.
7What about those ads I've seen on Craigslist?
Good luck. New smart phones run upwards of $600.00 and are intricate, complicated devices. Is the guy on Craigslist a trained and experienced technician? Or is he just learning the trade and using your phone for practice? Is this a licensed business or someone working out of the garage? Do they use quality OEM parts and keep them in inventory? Will they back their repairs with a six month guarantee? The fact is, we see a number of customers who went cheap and were not at all happy with the results.
8How long does it take to get my phone or tablet fixed?
We strive to get you in and out in an hour or less. Some repairs may take more time and sometimes the necessary part may have to be ordered. Please call us at 385-393-7692 and we can give you a better time estimate on your specific repair.
9What is difference between the Digitizer, LCD and Screen?
Each one of these components makes up a separate part of the front of your phone. The LCD is the actual display, much like a computer monitor or TV. The Digitizer is what responds when you touch or tap on your phone. The Screen is the top glass cover that protects the Digitizer and LCD.
10What happens if you fix my display and it has problems?
No need to worry. We use the best tempered glass available (9H) and stand behind all of our repairs for a full six months, including against defective parts.
11When my phone or tablet is serviced, will my information be lost?
We encourage customers to always back up his/her device before the repair. Since we are only changing out damaged components though, there is very low risk of data loss. The exception is if the logic board has experienced severe water damage.
12My device isn't listed. Can you still repair it?
It really depends on what brand it is and especially the availability of parts. Please call us to inquire if your particular model smart phone or tablet isn't shown.
13If I want to switch carriers can you help me?
Yes. Usually, we are able to unlock your phone and can assist you in switching it over to a new carrier.
14If you repair my phone, will that void the manufacturer's warranty?
If it is a new purchase, then you may want to check if your phone or tablet is still covered. Usually, damage voids the warranty anyway and for the majority of our customers their warranty has already expired. Please let us know if you will be repairing for warranty replacement, so that we can remove our internal stickers for companies like Apple, who may look inside.

If you have any more questions, please call us at (385) 393-1600. Thank you.

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